3 Questions to Ask a New Mommy

There are 3 questions to ask  a new mommy that she will always hold you dear to her heart for.

As my pregnancies progressed I was so grateful for any help that was offered.

And after the babies came then if you even asked me a question that would never bear fruit I was grateful that you considered me.

Question 1

What may I bring you coffee or tea?

There is no judgment with my mommies so if they would like a cup of coffee they shall have it.

You will forever be in my good graces if you offer to bring me a cup of tea or coffee.

For a new mommy being offered a beverage is not just a time for relief but it means that someone cares enough to ask.

It is also extra hydration and a moment of relaxation

Question 2

It can be really hard transitioning to being a mom, how it is going for you?

I love being able to listen and be listened to. Sometimes my friends (REAL ONES) just call to check on me.

After the baby’s are born a lot of us forget to ask about the mom but that is when it is more important.

Especially in the case where there may be some blues or post partum, asking this question will give a new mom the opportunity to share.

You may save someone’s life in a moment of empathy.

Question 3

Do you want me to watch the baby while you shower?

Not every parent has the luxury of having a newborn caregiver. Therefore these 3 questions to ask a new mom is very helpful.

The anxiety of leaving your newborn baby alone can be daunting for some new moms so offering to keep an eye while they get refreshed is extremely generous.

I remember some of my friends just dropping by with a sandwich for me and hands for the baby so I could do ANYTHING I WANTED for a few minutes.

Take care of yourselves new mommies. Speak up and get help if you need it. Until next time live life awfully simple. Leave me a message in the comments.