5 Must haves I am obsessed with right now. I love what I love and when I find something that works I love to share it! As a mom, or caregiver are you like that or you keep your finds to yourself?

This post is short and sweet. When you see these items you will understand why I am obsessed with them.

Any tool that can make my mental health calmer and also protect the ones I care for the most, I am all in.

Let’s jump right into it:


#1 Baby Manicure Set

This baby Manicure Set has been a game changer in my profession. Even though I have been doing this for years I did not like trimming babies’ nails. This gadget has made this process now so easy and painless both to me and baby.

I love the smooth way it handles the nails and even when I touch babies skin it is so gentle that there are no tears.


#2 Naturally Blessed Sugar Scrub

I am obsessed with skin care. Because I am always washing hands and dealing with different cleaning agents for babies clothes and babies skin I take care of my skin consistently. This Sugar Scrub has made such a huge difference in the softness of my skin.

Click on the link and get some. Trust me your body and your senses will thank you. It smells so good. I love Lemongrass but you can check out the other flavors too.


#3 Furls Crochet Hooks

I craft for sanity. Crochet and Knitting helps me not only stay sane but pass the time when I am just resting my brain.

When I am doing something or participating in something I prefer to have the best tools. These crochet hooks are the business.

Yarn glides off them so wonderfully and my hands are so excited to hold them and craft.

#4 Uppa Baby Carseat

The Uppa Baby CarSeat is so easy to use. The ease with which it connects to the stroller and comes out makes it one of my sbsolute favorites.

When I put the baby in I can almost feel the hug it’s giving her. Especially for long road trips this seat can b counted on for comfort and safety.

My only drawback is that it is kinda heavy, but that’s why I workout right? :). And in my mind it needs to be pretty substantial anyway in the event there is an accident.


#5 Travel First Aid Kit

5 Must have things I am Obsessed With and this checks a box sometimes my mind forgets. I am a glass half full type person so most times my expectations are high.

That being said whether traveling or just at home there will definitely be an unexpected cut, bruise or scrape. This First Aid kit is small but mighty. 

It has in over 80 items of things that can be needed at the drop of a dime as a parent or just someone living life.

In Conclusion, all the things that I have been through in my parenting and Newborn Care Specialist journey causes me to fall in love with a few things. 

5 Must Haves I am Obsessed with right now may come in extremely handy to you as it has to me. My mission is to support mommies with many in their journey with community, tips and tricks to enjoy this journey with vulnerability and power.

R.E.S.T (Relaxation Techniques, Experience, Strength, Testimony). You go this! Until next time remember to live Life Awfully Simple.

Leave me a comment if you own, have tried or will be getting any of these. I put links in the text for you.