5 Reasons you need to know Shaherah Young. There are I am sure many other however the 5 reasons that I will give you will make you get to know her much better.

Shaherah was born May 17th, 2002 in Belize City. At an early age in school she developed a love for art. That being said, here are my 5 Reasons you need to know Shaherah Young:


Reasons why you need to know Shaherah

  1. Persistence. This young woman makes a way out of no way to get the things accomplished that she sets out to. With an incredible support system she has  managed to create in situations some of us may find challenging. Find her on Facebook.


2. Humility. When Shaherah was a child she was accused by an educator of having her parent to “do her homework art project”. That stung and could have deterred her from producing for a while. But she still is now able to produce masterpiece after masterpiece without being puffed up.

Just take a look at the piece above. Can you see that her use of color and light in the eyes expresses her fire for life? I can. You know I am no stranger to color in art.

Strength in Character

3. Competetive. Shaherah is a very confident young woman who has taught herself quite a few skills. She uses them in ways that earn her recognition and she is a winner.

A certificate for an art competition for (5 De Mayo: 150th Aniversario DE LA BATALLA DE PUEBLA 2012)*1st place sidewalk chalk competition Belize City Street Art Festival 2020 ( First time participating).*participated in the  ‘Little Woman’s in Art 2020’ presented by the Museum of Belize. *Won 1st place prize for her decorations (Country of Peru)  at Pallotti High School for the Spanish Open Day 2019.*Awards of Merit 2nd place in Both visual arts and Music.* A certificate for the most Artistic Student ( Graduating class of 2019)*Top 5 winner of the world Earth Day and Crafts contest hosted by Omega Leo Club/ Lions Club International.*A participant in online exhibition Commemorating 25 Year of Image Factory Art Foundation in Belize by Yasser Musa.

4. Trail Blazer. The entire idea behind why she is so passionate is because she see things from an advanced perspective. If you can be yourself and be courageous enough then you can blaze your own trail and I believe she has so much more to share with the world.


5. Colorful. Look at the vibrant colors in the piece above and you can see Shaherah’s personality. Even though there is adversity she finds a way to use color in her art and shine.

These 5 reasons you need to know Shaherah are a tiny snapshot. Please look up this young woman and look to see more of her. Please share this post with other art enthusiasts and start a conversation about your creativity.

She can be found on Facebook. Click the link above. Share the article with friends and remember until next time to live Life Awfully Simple.