5 Things I learned Last Year means introspection. How often do you take stock and really pay attention to the lessons we are learning? For me it is not often enough,

When I decided to write 5 things I learned last year I immediately knew I was tackling a needed topic.

Let’s get right into it.

I. I am stronger than I think


Both physically and emotionally during last year I encountered challenges that threatened these two parts.

With waning energy levels and fluctuating emotions I had to really take some drastic measures to attempt feeling whole again.

Stretching, CrossFit and Psychotherapy were 3 huge things for me to implement. However the effects it has had on my emotional and physical health are visible.

What have you had to tackle in these areas?

2. I am passionate about helping women


Because I come from a different culture and a different era of parents my perspective is different.

I was raised in a “yes ma’am, no ma’am” culture and my mother was already 44 when I was born.

What that means is that anyone that was older than me by a couple years 🙂 I had to call them ma’am or sir. I think because of that alone my respect for “elders” is immense.

Also because mommy was older when I was born i had to learn to keep my own company and still develop socially when around others (no pressure).

I gave that back drop to say that I am very empathetic and passionate about assisting people. Mostly women.

I want you all to know that you are not lonely when you are alone and that what you are experiencing is real even if the immediate people around you do not understand.

3. My children are draining my brain cells


Also because I was raised like an only child for the beginning part of my life, having little people talking to me all the time has been a challenge.

Mommies, do not act like you do not go through it too. I am just honest enough to say it. 🙂 My siblings are all much older than I am so our interactions are different.

Since I went on to have 4 children in 5 years I have discovered new meaning for the words “alone time”.

All of my brain cells are now split between, “mommy mommy mommy”, “can we have McDonalds” and “Why” on a constant repeat.

4. I love to eat for comfort


Prior to last year I thought that I just loved food.

However I have discovered that food is a comfort for me. Therefore I better also work out if I want to have enough energy for my next meal.

If that sounds harsh, I apologize, that is just how my life is set up.

What is your relationship with food?

5. I love to write


And to top off the 5 things I learned last year is I love to write.

Whether it be typing on my laptop or writing an actual letter (I still do that), it brings me great joy.

When it comes to journal writing it is different. I have to remind myself that it does not have to be grammatically correct there :).

Introspect, Learn, Teach, Laugh. Whatever you have in you is a gift to someone that is not you. Find your voice and share it.

Leave me a comment about what you learned last year.

Until then, remember to live life awfully simple. 🙂