Time management tips for busy moms may sound like an oxymoron. Have you ever heard of a mom that wasn’t busy? With that in mind, sometimes as moms we forget the little tips, tricks, hacks or pointers. Whatever we call them they can aid in our time management and in us being our best selves.

Busy moms get things done. Without any further adieu so you can go and be busy effectively, here are my 5 time management tips for busy moms. Don’t just take these time management tips at face value. Take it from me, a mother of 4 children 10 years old and under still getting better at time management.

” I may not have gone where I intended to go,
but I think I have ended up where I needed to be “

1. Dress the body you are in. Be fierce.

As busy moms sometimes we tend to overlook the way we leave the house. We think “I’m just going to stay in the car line and get the children from school” or “I’m only going to pick up one thing and get right back in the car.” STOP IT! We never know who we’ll meet. So if we practice good time management we will not step out of the house looking like “Umfufu”. That is a term my mom used to use for an unkempt look. And if we do not practice time management by putting our best foot forward we miss the opportunity to deliver a great first/lasting impression. Also, we have little people that pay attention to every aspect of who we are and they are very influential.  Don’t stone me, but getting up a half hour or even 15 minutes earlier in order to accomplish a put together look is valuable. Put on a “little makeup” (more on that in a later post) and S.L.A.Y.

2. Make lists and actually use them.

In this case it is totally true that “the faintest ink is better than the best memory”. As busy moms we tend to forget things all the time: little tasks, to-do’s, grocery items etc. So if there is a list of what you have to accomplish for the day, odds are you’ll get more done.  Make sure to cross things off as you go, because there is a wonderful feeling of accomplishment even in picking up the dry cleaning. And keep a running list, don’t beat yourself up, remember time management. Everything does not have to get done every day, so, no pressure. Just be sure to prioritize and do what’s most important first.

3. Show up for your family every day

Whether it’s going to work, dropping the children to school, going to your mom’s doctors appointment, taking your dog to the vet or buying milk at the corner store before you get home…..show up! Yes you’ll forget things. Yes there will be instances where you have to say No, stop, wait or not right now, however that which you have committed to, show up for.  How to keep track of what you have committed to? See tip #2.

4. PEN in time for yourself

as individuals we are in a relationship with ourselves first and as we start to develop and create attachments we tend to lose sight of that. Don’t neglect yourself. PEN in non-negotiable time for you to read your bible, read a book, craft, travel, meet up with friends, see a doctor or see your counselor but DO IT! Starting to make sense? PEN it on you or calendar and take care of you. Grow spiritually, emotionally or even academically so you can ts the continue to be your best self for your first and then for your loved ones. It is the greatest gift you can give to anyone else is a fully present, functioning you!

5. Do not multi-task

Lastly, do not multi-task. I can see your brows knit up, your shoulders say huh and hear your mouth say “what”? I know it goes against most of what you have been taught and heard experts say about fully functioning lives.  I am here to tell you as an expert at being a woman, wife, mom, sister, aunt, friend and the list goes on, see what I mean? Take every situation on as “I am fully engaged and present”, one situation at a time and it will bring an entirely new meaning to your life and smiles of appreciation from the people in your lives that get to benefit from it.

Thank you so much!