5 tips for mommies doing it alone

  1. Create a routine: I do not have a support system every day so being able to have a routine keeps my mind sane. 5 tips for mommies doing it alone will help.
  2.  Don’t feel guilty: I breastfed each of my babies for six weeks. I struggled for years with guilty feelings of not doing enough. DON’T DO IT. You are enough and are doing enough. Do your best to not overcompensate and create habits that are not sustainable.
  3. Stay Positive: in the early weeks the blues and post partum are really things to pay attention to. Often times I can be found reading a book, knitting or doing anything to create a safe and positive space for my own mind!
  4. Find quality child care: It is costly but I had to do it and I was not alone. Therefore I know exactly how difficult it is. Because I work outside the home I ended up having a live-in of my own to keep things running smoothly at home.
  5. Take care of yourself: there are no substitutes for you in your children’s lives. Once I made that clear to myself the self care routine shifted. It remains within reason but I do not shirk from the responsibility of my care.


You’ve got this! There is support for you. Do not try to do it all alone. Until next time, live life awfully simple.