5 Tips for traveling light. Once I decide that travel is imminent 🙂 I get into packing mode. A lot of my friends pack the night before, I on the other hand don’t like to rush. 

Below are my 5 tips for traveling light. Oh why don’t I like to rush? Because haste makes waste.

Once you see the tips you will understand. Let’s get right to it. 

1. Small Suitcase


Instead of packing the large suitcase definitely go for the small one.

In order to not over pack and take things that you will absolutely not use a small suitcase will help.

With less space the rest of the tips really come together and make you a more efficient traveler.

I love traveling so much. I am always planning where I would like to go next.

2. Use a List


Whenever I decide where I am going I start a list. It always starts the same way. Jewelry, Underwear, LBD (little black dress) and laundry bag.

What comes after that are only the essentials for the trip.

I do not, let me repeat, do not put things on the list that I know i am not going to use or “just in case” stuff happens.

3. Don’t Pack Shoes for every occasion


Traveling tip number 3 is my biggest tip of all. Shoes can be rather bulky. At all cost try to choose the shoes that are neutral and can go with several outfits.

If you plan on taking a shoe for every outfit or occasion then the small suitcase tip is definitely not for you :).

In case you need specifics: pack a sandal, a sneaker and a pump to start. And by starting I do not mean pack more after that 🙂

4. Roll-Up Bag


I NEVER go on a trip without my roll-up bag. There may be several other brands or other companies out there that market these.

However, my absolute favorite is by Mary Kay. Find it here.

It has all the compartments I need. If I wanted to carry a pouch separately I can and it rolls up perfectly to carry it full.

Even after filling it, it is still very compact for travel.

5. Empty your purse


If you are like me then after a few days my purse has in receipts, spare change, business cards etc.

When I am traveling I make it a point to clear my wallet of the things I will not need.

For example I will not need my Panera Bread rewards card or my DSW card while on vacation, hopefully :).

So clear out that wallet or purse down to the essentials and it will not only make you lighter but safer (only ID that you need on this specific trip should be included).

In conclusion, live well, travel light and most importantly, live life awfully simple.

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