5 Tips How Not To Lose Yourself in Motherhood

How Not To Lose Yourself In Motherhood is important because I am a mother for life. I have dispensed with my fantasies of motherhood, well most of them anyway :).

These tips will help you because as I use them I remind myself that I am still in here.


Tip #1 – They grow up

I just knew that I would be buried in diapers my entire life. My babies are barely a year apart, no TV remember? They are now 12, 11, 9 and 8.

Just continue to enjoy every moment, remain present minded and before you know it diaper stage is over and then its on to Kindergarten which is practically College anyway.

When it gets difficult remind yourself.

Tip #2 – Hobbies


I knit and Crochet not just because I love them. It allows me not to lose myself in motherhood. This specific skill requires me to relax, focus, just chill and be with me.

Whether it will be needle point, pottery making, jewelry design or refurbishing furniture for example they all serve the same purpose.

What I found is that now I am a mom I require more mind work. What do I mean? Because I am constantly having to put everyone else’s needs before my own, my own are scheduled thoughtfully.

Tip #3 – Get Help

If you are a supermom candidate this will not work for you but it can. Take off your cape for a moment and really listen.

I have friends and loved ones that care about my sanity. They also happen to love my children. Whether it is live in help or someone that I hire for a few hours, I am an advocate of getting help.

Check the budget, see what you can afford and design time to stay sane around it.


Tip #4 – Play with friends

Just like the children do I spend time with my friends. In the beginning I was isolating myself in the “mommy world”. That definitely did not work.

You will lose some people on this journey. However my real friends even handle the children or create activities where I can bring them and also have adult time.

Tip #5 – Be yourself

Maybe this tip should have been #1. I created an entire new persona when my children came. For some reason I thought, my fantasies again, that there was a specific way to be. I was wrong. I am here to tell you that when you are blessed with the honor of being called “mom“, who you are is enough to start!

Till next time live life awfully simple.