Back to school. Just the words can spark both anxiety and excitement in moms. The children on the other hand are clueless. Here are some tips that has saved me as a mom of four little ones. Back to school can be a joyful time I have found. And, back to school can be somewhat effortless with a plan in place.  Back to school tips for parents are important to me because it has helped keep me focused. It can be a very stressful time and having tips has eased this process.

1. Make a Master List of School Supplies

If you have 4 children like me, a master list is key. Going back to school means supplies. Therefore what I have found is that having a master list counts. Some of the items on each child’s list may overlap. For example, scissors, reams of paper, glue sticks. etc. When the master back to school list is made it shows exactly how many and what items are needed for all the children.,  Staples and even Dollar Tree make having this back to school list important. If you are like me, our minutes are valuable and spending time going in circles is not productive.

2. Uniform Inventory

Back to school also means proper attire. My children attend private school. However the same rule applies for public school or home schooling. When school ends for the year I take inventory. This includes what fits, can be recycled, does not fit and can be re-purposed.  Once this inventory is done, I then know how many skorts, polos, undershirts, underwear etc. we will need going into summer and next school year.  My children’s polos have to be embroidered with the school logo. Therefore that also means getting quotes from vendors and the like.

3. Teacher Conferences

Back to school for parents also means meeting with the teachers. Knowing beforehand who will be caring for my child for the school year is also important. Having a meeting to set expectations from both sides has also been an incredible help in my back to school routine.

Back to school is so very interesting. Over the summer we spend so much time pouring into our children. We reinforce what they learned during the previous year. And do our best to prepare them for the upcoming year and challenges. Here’s hoping that these tips can assist you and make that transition for the school year smoother. Please share these tips with whomever may be helped by this.