My Favorite Bath Time Ritual

Ahhhhh Bath and Body Works. before my youngest was born my best friend gifted me the Aromatherapy Energy line. I’ve been hooked ever since.

What do you use on your body? I’m a fan of layering scents.

Therefore the body scrub, shower gel, body cream and then the spritzer or roll on fragrance is just the ticket.


I have bought everything from them with my own money since receiving it as a gift and I’m not getting paid for this review.

I’m just saying, as a woman and mom I do “little things” to feel pretty and sexy all the time.

We spend so much time taking care of others and this is one of the self care things I have implemented for me.

Subtle or not so subtle scents are definitely Bath and Body Works specialty.

Even the names are exotic. The Aromatherapy line delivers as it’s names suggests, for example Energy (lemon and ginger).

My mood is automatically changed whenever I take a beautiful shower or bath with this line.


I have even started to get them for my children. My girls love the Cookies and Cream shower gel and body cream.

Some of them are seasonal so don’t be upset with me if they don’t have it when you get there.

Just in all you do enjoy life and live awfully simple. till next time I hope your baths and showers are as splendid as mine ­čÖé