Best Baby Gifts For Any Season

Giving gifts are wonderful and best baby gifts for any season will take out the guess work.

It is fair to say that newborns do not need much outside of food, love and clothes.

However in the event that you want to be generous, here are a quick few options.

These are my opinion because I know that a lot of people shopping get their eyes caught by cute baby clothes.

Educational Toys


It is never too early to start with learning. As a caregiver, I start reading and speaking in proper sentences to children immediately.

This Learn To Read set is my favorite for every household. Even if you look like the nerd with your gift, I promise it will not disappoint.

Musical Toys

Best Gift 2020

Ready to dance and sing? This set by Smart Wallaby at Amazon will keep you going.

Music is one of the best ways to stimulate a baby’s mind and you get the enjoyment as a caregiver and/or parent.



I love books! Especially as a gift for babies. Why? They are not only tactile but they open up the imagination very early.

Board books decrease the anxiety level especially for new mommies. I find that because babies cannot tear them easily we relax and are able to feel the colors and see the changes in babies as we explore.

The soft books are wonderful as well. They allow you to embrace the tactile world through the fingers of a baby.

Multi-Functional Toys

Ready to Walk

There is literally one of these in every home I have had the pleasure of serving.

The tablet in front comes off to use for tummy play. AAANNNDDD when baby gets moving it becomes a great first learner with 2 speeds on the wheels.

V-Tech does a wonderful job in this department. They have several things that are go-to.

Remember that the reason for giving a gift is love. Never under estimate the gift of diapers. Something for mom is also always welcomed. Sometimes they get overlooked after their little one is born. They are important still and always.

Tell me in the comments if this list is helpful or if you still have one of these gifts in your home :).

Till next time, live life awfully simple.