Bird’s Isle Belize has been a staple in the Belizean community since before I was born.

It is just south of one of the most beautiful cathedrals in the city. It boasts some breathtaking views.

Over the years this venue has hosted concerts, dances, basketball games, parties and memorable life experiences.


No matter where on Birds Isle Belize you choose to sit, there is always the most amazing breeze.

The restaurant who’s menu boasts creole cuisine and seafood as well as burgers is quite flavorful and always a pleasant dining experience.

See this video for more on what this historic part of my beautiful Bird’s Isle Belize has been through.

Being right on the ocean front it has taken it’s fair share of battering, however it is still a beautiful place to visit.

I used to play basketball here when I was younger. Because of those memories and the great food is why it is always on my to-do list when I am home visiting.


Come for the scenery, stay for the food. However you get here I promise that you will have a pleasant experience.

Remember to live life awfully simple and Bird’s Isle Belize is one of the places I love to do that. Check out their menu on trip advisor.

Leave me a comment below on some of your favorite places to visit and eat ­čÖé