Daddy and I

Daddy and I always had a special kind of relationship.  The story goes that when I was conceived Daddy told mommy that he wanted a baby that looked just like her. Several times during my life Daddy and I would discuss this conversation and he would reiterate that he got exactly what he wanted.   I was the only girl. Daddy and I as you can tell from the pic were closer than two peas in a pod.  Losing him almost 2 years ago makes this difficult to write however the relationship Daddy and I had compels me to keep his legacy going in words. Happy Fathers Day to all the men who nobly rise to this awesome task in a dreadful place.


When it came to Daddy and I there was nothing left unsaid. He was the reason for my personality, my smile, my strength, my courage and my life.  Daddy always made sure that his door was open to speak with me about any and all topics.  Daddy made it a safe place to ask any questions I needed answered no matter the topic. My relationship with my daddy taught me love, respect, admiration, joy, strength and most of all compassion.  I know this article makes it seem like my daddy was perfect, I beg to differ. However to me he was the perfect daddy for me.  We shot pool together, shot hoops together, he taught me to ride a bicycle in one day. He bought me my first car. He always looked at me with such pride even if I had just fallen flat on my face.

Once I was grown up, I took the Daddy and I thing to a whole other level. I became obsessed with wanting to have children of my own so daddy could meet them.  Did I mention that by the time I was born my daddy was 45 years old? Yes, that’s right. So you can imagine that when I turned 30 and had not started to have children yet I was in full on panic.  Daddy never pressured for children, he just wanted me to be successful and happy.  Then I had 4 children in 5 years and totally rocked his world! They loved him and he got to spend some real quality tine with them. it is documented in pictures and videos and those memories will forever be there for them. What daddy and I had was priceless to me.

I hope this tribute to my dad encourages all the fathers out there that are involved, present, active and attached to their children in this way. The gift that was my daddy to me I get to share with the world.  May this fathers day and the ones to come be a day that your children cry, laugh, celebrate and hold up as a tribute to the legacy that you have taught them and lived in their lives!