D.I.Y. Holiday Gift Ideas

D.I.Y. Holiday gift ideas definitely are a win for me this year. First of all, D.I.Y means Do It Yourself. In my mind that translates to “from the heart, BE the thought”.

The pictorial that I am about to show you is how I have decided to honor the teachers in my kids life this end of year.

2020 has been a doozie for me. How about you? With the help of Dollar Tree , my favorite stirring spoon from Trader Joe’s and my lifelong skill of Crochet these may give you some ideas of your own.

What you Will Need:

  1. A trip to Dollar Tree. Now let me warn you, go in at least having a list and an idea of what you are trying to do. That place will blow your budget and make you dizzy 🙂
  2. Your favorite yarn or colors in the theme of the gift you are creating. This is important for me because I chose to make dish cloths. Lion Brand Yarn has some of my favorites for over the counter balls. Check out my YouTube vlog about crafts.
  3. Scissors
  4. Crochet Needle (my Favorite Furls)
  5. Gift Bags
  6. Note Cards
diy 5


What I Did:

DIY Holiday Gift Ideas mean simplicity for me. Especially if you are a new mommy trying to survive your first Holiday, hopefully this helps.

I incorporated my love for crafting by making granny square dish cloths. The pattern was on pinterest.

Then I used the mugs I had gotten from Dollar Tree and my favorite Hot Chocolate dipping spoons to fill the mug.

After that, I wrote each teacher a note card and dropped the mug into a gift bag.

When I took the children to school I handed it to them to deliver to their teacher.

Note: I have four children and six teachers. The gifts were sent staggered so I had time to complete them.


Because kids rush you and you rush them I had to leave home quickly. I totally forgot to take a “proper pic” Haha.

Above is my attempt at showing you the finished product.

Use these tips to make your own DIY Holiday Gift Ideas come to life.

Until next time, live life awfully simple. Leave a comment below if you tried this or what you DIY this season.