5 Exercises to do at home with kids

If you are like me when I started to think about 5 exercises to do at home with kids, I instantly got tired. Due to Covid19 social distancing and self quaratine rules I did not have many options for at home PE. So, when the teachers started sending home workouts to be done I jumped on it.

Here are 5 Exercises to do at home with kids.

Exercise # 1: Jumping Rope

Jumping Rope is my got to exercise for myself. Therefore incorporating my kids is a no brainer for me. As you can hear, they cheer each other on. One is my camera man ­čÖé

As you do this more often you will be able to go longer. It teaches synchronization, having fun, team work and one more important thing: keeping them engaged while being active.

Exercise #2: HIIT

HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training allows us all to get our heart rate up. One of my main reasons for loving this one is because it helps the children to release some of that energy, oh boy. For me, the benefits are calorie burning, fitness and havig fun with them.

We either do it with music, along with a video or just make it up and do a couple sets.

Exercise # 3: Dance Party

My children and I love to dance. Do you? They even take my alexa echo dot when I am not home and have dance competitions :).

It just gets the body moving, is a fun activity and dancing creates happiness. Those are my words of course but you should try it and see.

Exercise #4: Basketball

My kids and I love basketball. I played in college and they love to shoot around with me.

If you only have one child then you can do a one on one drill of layups. I like to play Mikan . Not only does it teach them a discipline skill but it’s also fun trying to beat each other.

I on the other hand have enough including me for a team. We are 5 altogether. We play a 3 on 2 or shoot freethrows.

Exercise #5: Word Search Games

Ah Ha! I know you are thinking what does this have to do with exercise. I am a believer in not just exercising the body but the mind too.

In this exercise each child or sometimes we do groups of 2 has a find-a-word puzzle book. They are then given a set amount of time to see who can either finish their puzzle or find the most words.

This one also helps to keep their mind sharp in the event we will get to return to school.

It’s fun, entertaining, educational and my favorite, exercise for the mind.

So no matter what you choose to do, I hope one of these 5 exercises to do with kids intrigues you. Most importantly, remember to spend time and share love. Let me know in the comments which of these you try and don’t forget to share the article with another mommy that may be looking for ideas.

Until next time remember to live life awfully simple.