So this is definitely not my every day life. Becoming a Glam Mom for a Day may be more of a treat than most.

During my twenties and thirties I loved having a full face of makeup every day.

However, since having four children in 5 years and constantly changing diapers Glam Mom for a Day turned into a luxury item.


Having an experience

These days most of my networking is done in my pajamas online. Although most days that is by design, that does not Glam Mom for a day make.

Recently I was able to team up with @vglitz_n_glam from VenFacialStudio and got professionally Glam For A Day. Her motto is “wake up and makeup”.

Follow her on IG. I had so much fun and learned a few tricks. Given my current work load and how my life is set  up, Glam Mom For A Day was timely and promises to not be frequent.

Take Aways

My tips for having a Glam Mom for a day experience are:

  1. Have somewhere to go
  2. Meet with a professional to discuss your vision
  3. Choose colors outside your comfort zone (its supposed to be a different experience)
  4. Trust the pro you select to do their job
  5. Have fun
  6. Take lots of pictures
  7. Take notes for the few things that you may decide to try on your own later.

On A Regular Day

I was a Mary Kay consultant for almost 15 years so on any given day I may look like this. As you can see very different from Glam Mom For a day

In Conclusion

So while living life awfully simple, be reminded to not take yourself too seriously.

Even though this may not be a regular day to day thing for me I was so excited to experience it.

The makeup came off with relative ease. I was very comfortable with the process. I learned some new things.

Will I do it again, YES!