Go bag Tips for New Mommies

Lets talk about go bag tips for new mommies. Now, this go bag, you can choose from any number of brands and get a great bag when you have a newborn.

My goal today is not to share with you the different brands of bags; my goal is what to put inside of the bag.

What I find when I come into families is that there’s a lot of anxiety around what do I take, what do I not? Do I bring the kitchen sink? 🙂 Do I bring a potty for the newborn? 🙂 That was a joke.

The first, the only, the one when you start out, you don’t know. You just don’t know what you’re going to need or you don’t think that you know.

It creates some anxiety. I’m here today to help to dissipate some of that anxiety by giving you some go bag tips for new mommies.


1. Change of Clothes

Just one or two change of clothes for the baby is typically needed. I learned very quickly. Because you’re not going to be changing the baby’s clothes unless you have a baby with some type of infant reflux or some type of spit-up issue that you’re changing clothes all the time.

If you are a fashionista mom or have live in help where it is part of their responsibility to change outfits at each diaper change, you will not be changing that regularly.

2. Diapers and Changing Pad

Generally, you change diapers; you change a lot of diapers. Still, when I am going out, especially on short missions 🙂 two to three diapers does the trick.

If you’re going out for longer, then keep some more diapers possibly in the car.

When I had too many in the bag, it weighed it down. Then, the bag got heavy and then it created some anxiety.

I already have the baby; then add a somewhat heavy bag and it’s not always a good look.

Definitely pack a changing pad. Most bags come with one unless you are using your personal tote. If you, like me had to leave the house for whatever reason after the baby came home then you will be changing diapers in public. The changing pad will come in handy.

3. Wipes

Of course, wipes, can’t say enough about wipes. You’re actually going to be using wipes until your children are in high school, so just plan on it.

My children are now 12, 10, 9, and 7 and wipes are still a staple in my go bag, home and vehicles. Definitely get some of these to have in your go bag.

They help with any number of things from a diaper change to a messy hand or nose to especially now when “don’t touch that” comes too late.

4. Bottles or Breast Pump

If you are going to be breastfeeding like I did, sometimes you need a bottle for a backup. Depending on how long I was going to be out I would take my pump as well.

If you’re going to be breastfeeding alone, then you’re the bottle. Wherever you are, wherever baby is, that’s fine.

You won’t need much else. You’ll need a cover-up for yourself.

That’s one thing to put in here as well if you plan on breastfeeding when you’re outdoors or plan on breastfeeding in public.

Also keep in mind that if you have had a c-section, your breast or bottle feeding experience may be different.

5. Knick Knacks

Here is my final tip. Knick Knacks do not mean everything else tossed into the bag lol. For me it meant: pacifier if you have chosen to use one. Please make sure if has a keeper or holder to secure to babies clothing. Especially now, there is nothing more nerve wrecking than trying to clean a pacifier that has fallen to the floor.

Also, a “keep baby busy” toy. This may change each time you head out. I needed it to be something that could keep my baby’s attention.

If at all possible resist the urge to throw just things you “think you’ll need” into the bag. It can create a certain level of frustration when trying to find something you know you put in there but cannot find because of everything else.

Thanks for reading. I know that you will find this helpful and until next time live Life Awfully Simple. Leave a comment below if you have other essentials you have placed in your go bag or just to let me know how these tips helped.