What is Under Construction? That would have been the first thing to come to my mind when I saw the title. What was your first thought? Anyway, it’s Life Continually Under Construction. This article is about my journey being Under Construction.

The tips offered here you may be able to relate to or even implement in your own hard hat zone.

Sometimes while Under Construction my life looks like one catch phrase after another.

However with my determination to raise my children, be a powerful woman and manage some level of sanity while doing that I continue to push for greatness.


Let’s dive into why Under Construction. When I was a little girl growing up in Belize I “imposed” on myself that there was a certain order to do things.

The order provided by my parents was 1. Go to school.  They never specified the highest level of education but just go to school. 2. Get Married. 3. Raise a family.

I don’t know who else’s family is like that, but it was important to me. Since I didn’t know any different I went full force into that plan.

It truly was not until I turned 40 that I discovered I was living someone else’s plan and I needed to make some changes.


Tip # 1

Develop your own plan

Absolutely when we are children our parents direct our lives completely.

However I want us as women, mothers, girls to learn to speak our mind respectfully and recognize our strengths. Follow them early.

Take every detour and learn every lesson. Be adventurous.

Your life is your own. Notice I am not saying be rude and disrespectful. I am saying trust yourself enough to chart a path.


Tip # 2

Travel Often

I was born in Brooklyn, New York and before I could even walk we moved to Belize, Central America.

Without me even knowing it that decision by my parents birthed a travel bug in me.

I have been traveling my entire life.

It is my opinion that if you have the opportunity to travel it will broaden your horizons.

Because my life is still under construction there is so much more of the world to see and new things to learn.

Traveling to different places whether locally, nationally or internationally has allowed me to appreciate what I have, value my choices and most importantly stretch my imagination for what could be.



Tip # 3

Nurture Your Hobbies

After I became a mother I kind of “sat down” on the womanhood job. Let me explain.

I still very much handled the task of getting myself together when I left the house to go in the streets :).

Nevertheless, in the other areas I did not nurture my hobbies.

I spent so much time being mom. Drowning in diapers, feeding schedules, teaching ABC’s, brushing gums for healthy teeth, really, really wanting to breast feed successfully and sleep training to name a few.

All these things created a HOLE, SPACE, GAP in the way I nurtured myself and it has taken retraining to regain myself.

I am a woman that knits, crochets, plays basketball, plays racquetball, walks, runs, sews and crafts in various ways.

I have found that having these things as part of my personality under construction has made me a better woman and more importantly a better mom.


Tip # 4

Continue to Learn

When I stop learning something new I find myself feeling lost, stagnant and sometimes resentful of the other people going places.

Therefore, find something that you are interested in and learn more about it.

I have also been studying budgeting, trading stocks, different crochet stitches, the art of aromatherapy and reading different genres of books.

If that sounds like a lot to you then choose one thing. The things I choose for me have to do with a place or stage I am in my life and they can be directly tied in.

Tip # 5

Share Your Strengths

One of my strengths is to encourage people. Help them source their dreams and field their ideas.

I also have a love and heart for mothers and the struggles that we face.

That being said I never sit on the bucket of my knowledge.

I share in a very open, fun, non judgmental way my successes and struggles.

Why? Because what I am going through may help someone else. Being selfish only creates bitterness.




Since I walk a lot and I choose the most scenic areas in which to walk I see some pretty amazing things.

When I first moved into my house and even now trees are constantly planted.

The coconut trees in front of my yard were planted as babies. However in my walking, I always come across “new builds”.

On these lots, most times, there were mature trees before.

What is often done is the lot is flattened, then rebuilt from scratch. I am always amazed however by the end result.

Instead of leaving some of the trees on the outskirts of the property in the beginning, mature trees are brought back in by crane and then replanted in specific areas.


These trees then have to be continually watered and treated with such meticulous care in order to take root and thrive in it’s new environment.

My challenge in this article women, moms, young girls is to use the tips above to cherish all of your challenges.

Manage your growth opportunities. Cry through your tough times. These areas are all a part of your life Under Construction and they strengthen your roots.

If you pull up everything, every time and completely start over without taking stock we may find ourselves as empty as some of the aforementioned trees in the end.

Till next time. Live life awfully simple. Please subscribe to the blog to be the first to hear about upcoming articles. Share this with a friend that may be Under Construction.