The Manatee Lagoon Meetup and The Palm Beach Bloggers Union event was a wonderful introduction into this great community for me.

As a Floridian now 🙂 unless I am the only one Manatee Lagoon was here for a long time. Only to find out through The Palm Beach Bloggers Union that it has been here for 3 years. It is such an amazing place.

FPL (Florida Power and Light) has a huge facility in Riviera Beach that I see every day. Why you ask? because I live 10 minutes and drive my children to school that way. Yup.

So, this huge facility releases enough warm water to make the temperature of the lagoon ideal for manatees.

During the months of November to March hundreds of manatees can be seen warming up in the area when water in other parts of the country is just too cold for these mammals.



The Palm Beach Bloggers Union

But I digress, while working in New York this summer I found The Palm Beach Bloggers Union on Instagram. Or should I say they found me? Either way, I am truly blessed.

The Palm Beach Bloggers Union meets at different amazing venues every second Saturday of the month. The Manatee Lagoon was to be my first event and I was ecstatic.

There were sponsors @nothingbundtcake and an amazing speaker @themagicalmundanelife . The beauty of the Manatee Lagoon facility and the amazing content made this my first but defnitely not my last event.

The Magical Mundane Life

Maureen, this wonderful vlogger, blogger, wife and mom opened up her toolbox to us. She taught the bloggers and participants in the room strategies and ideas to build our footprint online and grow.

The wealth of information and all the great tips along with her amazing personality made the event not just educational but fun.

She was teaching the entire group, and I still think she was just speaking to me. Letting me know it is alright to just be “who I am” as a blogger and the authenticity is the best ingredient.

Nothing Bundt Cakes

I do not know that I have to explain this part hehehe. However, this sponsor provided the yummy treats for the event. Anyone who knows me knows I love cake.

Now a bundt and then lemon or chocolate and you have a friend for life.

Their personal bundts, packaging and flavor is awesome. You have just got to try them.

And, before you ask, no I’m not getting paid for advertising 🙂



The Palm Beach Bloggers Union has events every month and this chapter is wonderful. Of course there are other chapters all across the state. Find yours and attend their events and I am sure you are welcome to come to this chapters events as well. @thepalmbeachbloggers

Also, check out FPL and their wonderful ideas regarding solar panels and how they are leading the charge regarding solar energy.

The Manatee Lagoon is a wonderful place for family and friends to visit and have a wonderful time. @manateelagoon

Maureen has a wealth of information on her channel and is a great resource for all things family. @themagicalmundanelife

Follow me @lifeawfullysimple and comment below letting me know where you have visited in your state lately that you did not know existed. Until next time, keep living life awfully simple.