Women’s mental health is very important to me. As a mother in my forties with young children, I have had to learn a few different coping mechanisms. So when the opportunity presented to have an interview with a psychotherapist, I jumped at the chance. There is so much to be learned about each other by having conversation.

Let’s get right into it guys. Please meet Keisha Henry, MSW,LCSW, EMDR Psychotherapist.

Mrs. Henry is a Board Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Psychotherapist specializing in trauma recovery and parent education working with women and adolescents. Mrs. Henry is the Founder and Senior Clinician at New Beginning Healing Institute, LLC.  Currently, an Adjunct Professor at Palm Beach State College.   Prior, Mrs. Henry has been practicing for 15+ years in community-based settings ranging from the public sector/county government, rural areas, to private entities, such as hospitals and non-profit service agencies. Mrs. Henry is a wife and mother of 5 children ranging in age from 25-10 years old.  She has many hobbies; however, has an intense love and commitment for working-out, swimming, and reading.

Mrs. Henry holds a Master of Social Work from the Ellen Whiteside School of Social Work at Barry University, and a Bachelor of Arts Degree, with honors, at Saint Leo University.


LAF: What advice do you have for mother’s who are in their forties and have young children?

KH: 1. Recognize who you are and where you are in your stage of life/development-listen to what your needs are teaching you. 2. Communicate your needs (don’t assume your spouse/Significant other knows. 3. Commit to not making comparisons to other mothers or even how you parented before your parenting now. 4. Commit to taking 15 minutes during the day to “catch yourself” by breathing or doing a relaxing activity.

LAF: How can women navigate their 20’s, 30’s and 40’s while coping with trauma in their lives?

KH: Traumatic events are experienced differently by each person or woman.  Navigating trauma at any age can be difficult in general; but can become even more challenging depending on a variety of factors. Specific to the age of 20’s, 30’s, and 40’s will be the consideration of age and stage of development.  Recognizing our skills and ability to handle life’s tasks in that period of life is critical. One needs to be able to talk… say something. The need of healthy supports is necessary at any stage; even more when there has been a traumatic experience embedded. Take away: (1) Talking to someone (safe persons); (2) Seeking professional help and support; (3) Give back to others.

LAF: What self care tips do you have for women that work no matter their age?

KH: 1. Commit to not making comparisons to other women/people. Believe me, they have their own story and it’s not yours. 2. Commit to taking 15 minutes during the day to “catch yourself” by breathing or doing a relaxing ‘occupied activity’. 3. Spend time with healthy, supportive friends. (this does not require a lot of people) 4. Spend time alone reflecting (this is not easy for some)

LAF: Why do you do what you do?

KH: I LOVE WHAT I DO!!!! Stable communities and society abound on account of interdependence. We all have something to offer to each other.  I like to feel and know that I am ‘part’ of the solution; that ‘part’ allows me to grow, to walk in purpose and to live an intentional life.  I LOVE WHAT I DO!!!

LAF: What are three things to know about you?

KH: 1. I was a single parent at the age of seventeen and a half. 2. I overcame the fear of  swimming at the age of 40. 3. I love the beach.

Wow, with all these points from my interview with this psychotherapist, I know there are some great take aways for all of us. Click here for a free list of Self Care ideas. You can keep up with Mrs. Henry on Facebook at New Beginnings Healing Institute and on IG @newbeginninghealing. Leave your comments, feedback and questions below.