This has always been a special time in my life, September in Belize. I happened to be born in Brooklyn, New York but have had the distinct privilege of being raised in Belize Central America. September in Belize is special for quite a few reasons. The biggest of which to me is the celebration of our heritage. Below I will share with you a few historical events and reasons why September in Belize is special.

One of my biggest reasons for moving to the State of Florida is so I could be 1 flight away from my parents. That has translated wonderfully to September in Belize Celebration Time. Due to Southwest Airlines great rates into Belize I can normally get in round trip when booking in advance for around $200US. Also, having a flight for one hour and a half that I regain when I arrive is SWEEEET!

Queen of the Bay – A very integral part of September in Belize – A Celebration. A grand play originally written by Quentin Augustus Pitts is played out and amidst all its color and culture it changes the lives of all the contestants involved. Its a wonderful enactment of talent, beauty and poise.

Battle of the Baymen – The issue of whether Spain or Britain would end up controlling Belize was decided in this battle. The 10th of September commemorates the celebration of the Battle of St. Georges Caye Day. It is a public and bank holiday which as a kid of course meant I was off from school. However much more than that. The Battle of St Georges Caye is important to September in Belize. Because on September 3rd to the 10th 1798 there was a brief military engagement off the coast of which is now Belize.  The 10th is a day to pay tribute to the men that defended St. Georges Caye then.



What’s Not to Love

  • Carnival J’ouvert, Road March and Last Lap – A wonderful time of music, costumes, tradition and fun starts a 4am on that morning. After the ramp up then the road march through the principal streets takes place about 1pm. And once the groups have been judged, which are wonderfully choreographed by rigorous pre-carnival practices, then there is a Last Lap at the Marion Jones sporting complex about 3pm.
  • National Colors Day and Sound Fest – There is so much talent and cultural mixes in my country. This is what makes the Colors Day and Sound Fest during September in Belize Celebration one of the events not to be missed. These two events showcases from youth to mature adults.
  • Cycling Criterion and Patriotic Paddle– although held on separate dates the names of these two events tells the story. We are avid sports buffs in Belize and our cyclists participate in some of the countries best races. Also, we have paddle and boat regattas that utilize some of our beautiful countryside landscapes and rivers.
  • Independence Day – September 21st. In 1981, after several centuries as a British colony Belize gained its Independence from Great Britain. All the aforementioned celebration is to commemorate Belize gaining its Independence. And it is celebrated with partying, parades and street exhibitions.

After having said all that, there is more. The temperature is perfect. September is not quite tourist season yet. The food and socialization is at its prime. The primary language is English. There is no place like home. Belize in September is magical. Till next time and next season…tell me where are your favorite places and times?