Why Sleep Training for Babies

It all depends on the baby. Sleep training for babies can be a touchy subject.

Each baby is different. Newborns especially need to be taught night from day first before even attempting to sleep train.

What happens is they attempt to fall asleep and because they have no control of their limbs they startle themselves awake, especially if they’re not swaddled.

Sleep training ends up being just a patience-type of deal, and when done successfully creates happy baby and happy mom harmony.

Tips for sleep training

1. Do Not Use a pacifier. If you can help it! What I have found is that when babies are used to a pacifier it is harder to sleep train.

As soon as the pacifier falls out then they wake up.

2. Do not start too early. This can create a level of frustration for you and your baby. Once my kids learned day from night and were able to take longer naps in between feeds then I started.

3. Set the foundation. I play Mozart for my babies. Practice speaking softly at nap time.  Read stories. Then I put them in their crib while they are awake.

Most Important

4.Be Consistent. When I fell short and skipped the routine a couple of times too early I paid for it with frustration.

Once you have decided to start sleep training and it has been established that there can be success, stick to it.

Only after it became a noticeable habit did I deviate. Play time happens during awake time. Grandparents visits are scheduled when baby will be up.

In the early portion of the sleep training it is very important to have other people change their schedule than the other way around. Sorry, that is just what has worked for me.

Family members, grandparents, friends that would like to meet your newest bundle will do whatever it takes. Mommy and daddy’s sanity and babies nurturing and growth are my first priority.


Reminder: In the beginning sleep deprivation is normal. Frustrations will come. I had an 8lb 14oz boy that cried nonstop the first 3 weeks of his life. He was one hungry little guy.

Make every attempt to trade time with your support system so you can get some shut eye. Keep reminding yourself that you can do this and take deep breaths.

Here for you. Till next time remember live life awfully simple.