Summer Protective Styles don’t have to be boring. When we are thinking about summer protective styles we are not just talking about wash and go’s and 2 strand twists. There is so much versatility in natural hair. It can be worn, straight, curly, weaved, braided or any way that you choose to show who you are.

1. Summer Protective Styling

Braiding is a great way to protect and not lose versatility. Introducing to some and mentioning to others, knotless box braids. Please make sure to keep scalp clean. Clogged pores does not serve anyone. Cover hair at night to protect from cotton pillowcases. It also promotes style longevity. Make sure whatever style you choose is “edge friendly”.



2. Professionally Done

Being a mother over 40 with young curly girls hair to care for is challenging. I am always in search of the next best protective style to still have my girls looking like “little girls”. But, still have style and functionality. This year we opted for knotless box braids. With the expertise of @_crownedbyBri Briana Nunnally of West Palm Beach made sure that this mom’s summer journey was elegant and effortless.



3. Kinky Twists (Shaved Sides)

My hair is 4C, Z whatever (tough). And whether it’s that I’m in my 40’s and am losing my patience due to hormonal imbalance. Or, that I have 2 girls with very thick, very long beautiful heads of hair, I just don’t care for mine as much. So I had chopped down the sides. And then I decided that I wanted something light weight and fun. Enter small kinky twists. Recently when I visited Belize, my stylist, Tamika, hooked me up.




4. Ponytail or Puff

Do not let the summer heat or the fact that your hormones are all over the place stop you from putting your best face forward. Even in something as slight as a ponytail or a puff your hair can still be away from rubbing on harsh materials and ends can be protected. Key to a beautiful ponytail or puff is to not pull tightly in order to keep edges secure.

5. Cornrows with beads

And last but certainly not least, do not overlook the fun in Cornrows with beads.Sometimes we try to complicate things that can be so simple. One color beads, not an array or even clear can make for a statement.  And still be fun, playful, young or earthy.  Make sure to use the bead tool when installing and try not to leave the cornrows in so long that they start looking fuzzy and unkempt.

Just remember to enjoy all that you do with your little ones and count every blessing.  Whether I have my girls hair done professionally or by me their mom, a licensed braider, I make sure to teach them to be comfortable in their own skin and the best way to do that is by modeling that for them. Have a great summer ladies!

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