Surviving the Holidays with a Newborn

Having gone through so many changes during 2020 surviving the Holidays with a Newborn is so strategic 🙂

Firstly, I love a great meal and gathering as much as the next person. However, doing anything with a Newborn in tow changes EVERYTHING!

I know these tips will help you and your family to get through this season joyfully (if at all possible).

What to consider!

Surviving the Holidays with a newborn this year will be different than most. Let us consider the obvious and deal with it.

Traveling may be out of the question. Large gatherings are a no-no! And the constant overwhelming affection though missed may be ill-advised (just to name a few).

Babies immune systems are in its infancy, pun intended, and should at all costs be given the best chances to mature. That being said , choosing what we do and whom we do it with for the holidays is of utmost importance.

Tip #1: When in Doubt, Don’t

My family and friends are very touchy feely and generally I love that, but not this year. Seriously consider not attending Thanksgiving Dinner, Holiday Celebration, Kwanzaa or whatever way you celebrate.

An alternative this year may be having the family dial you in on a zoom call if they still choose to gather but keep baby at home.

If you have a newborn caregiver, then blame it on her. I am more than happy to be the scapegoat for family members who may give you a hard time for not showing up.

Tip #2: Don’t Touch The Baby


Now, babies are people magnets therefore especially during this year where we have been restricted to what we touch, please don’t touch the baby.

If you choose to join your friends and family during this holiday season please consider implementing or reinforcing this rule at every turn.

Prior to social distancing and quarantine guidelines I have always had a professional rule of no one touching the baby without first washing their hands. I also go so far as to find out when was the last time they were ill. Sooooo, one can clearly see that this rule is very easy for me to implement as a Newborn Caregiver and mom.

Tip #3: The baby is not on your schedule

One promise I can make is that you will thank me later. Never have I ever had a mom come back to me and say, this schedule you put us on with baby sucks (or something even remotely similar).

Please family members and friends be respectful of the babies schedule. Any parent that has one will be happy to tell you the best times to visit and/or socialize.

If the baby naps at 3pm and you show up at 3:30 your visit may be rescheduled, I’m just saying. Because my new mommies and babies are my first priority, me as their caregiver protect them at all costs.

After I have left and I get a call 2 years later saying “thank you so much, our little one is the best sleeper”, it was all worth it.

I have also gotten the calls from exhausted, stressed parents who let the schedule slip or went off script and both parents and baby are miserable.

Especially during this holiday season, keep your stress level low and your schedule in tact.

Tip #4: Be considerate


Especially when there is a newborn involved I turn into a super vigilant protector.

Bearing in mind the implications of what could go wrong, please be considerate!

Consider the fragility of a new mom’s emotional state, she’s figuring it out (watch your words).

Consider the environment and give mommy and baby some space (no over stimulation).

Consider putting on a HAZMAT  SUIT 🙂 (if requested) and give mommy a break by taking the baby for a few minutes.

Surviving the Holidays with a Newborn will not be stressful, say it with me! I am so proud of you  mommies and you got this! Enjoy the season, whatever celebration platform you set for yourself.

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