Tips for Becoming a Newborn Caregiver

What Tips for becoming a Newborn Caregiver can I share? This is only the most asked question when people find out what I do.

I love newborn babies and everything that entails. The smell of their skin, the way their fists are tightly balled up, the way their bodies still tries to be in a cocoon, EVERYTHING!

In this season a lot of us have chosen to really pursue our calling or seek out a pivot!

What do I mean? If you have always loved babies and never pursued a career with them outside of having your own children. Or, you love babies and now that the world has turned on it’s head you have decided its now or never, these tips may be helpful.

Tip #1 Must Love Babies


All I think about are babies! If that is you then you can do this. Whenever you are around family or friends with children they always end up with you, this may be for you.

The passion that wells up inside me when I hear a newborn coo always makes me smile. Loving babies has made this career so rewarding.

Tip #2 Specific Skill Sets

I am an avid reader and I am always looking to learn something new. Since babies are the essence of “sponges” having a great interest for learning, teaching and watching them grow is a great skill to have.

Being a great sleeper also helps. I am at the beckon call 24/7 for my babies. I have the ability to get great rest when I am resting. This is necessary because I need to be alert when on duty.

Flexibility in my personality has also served me very well. If you are a rigid type personality and everything has to be “just so” this may not be for you.

When going into families homes I am never certain what I will meet. However, I am flexible enough to aid in family comfortability to make this huge adjustment bearable.

Tip #3 Training

I am a hands-on mommy and that made for a great training ground. If you have previously been in child care and are considering babies then give it a look.

CPR Training, Valid Passport, Driver, Proper Shots (depending on family and city) and of course excellent references are all necessary.

Having had the honor of coming from a strictly referral based type of environment, the door has to get opened for me before I speak. Those are the best.

There are formal education courses available however you do not have to have “gone to school” specifically for this in order to be amazing at this, I am proof of that!



Because I spend a LOT of time in other people’s homes having a sunny disposition has never failed me.

If you choose this profession realize that you will be among families at some of their most vulnerable moments. Practice treasuring those in your own life and you may be  a shoe-in for some great newborn to come.

Tip # 1 opens the door and you can do this!

Remember to live life awfully simple! See you next time