Tips on How to Get Inspired

I love tips on how to get inspired. “Convince yourself everyday that you are worthy of a good life. Let go of stress, breathe. Stay positive, all is well.” Germany Kent

I am constantly giving of myself on a daily basis and that is only possible because I am inner focused. When I am focused on feeding myself positive words and affirmations then my outward expression reflects it.

1. Read to get inspired

Purposeful reading helps me in every aspect of my life to stay inspired. I am always reading other people in my “niche” work. It not only keeps me fresh but it fuels my creativity. You are not an island.

My next read is Act Like A Success, Think Like A Success by Steve Harvey In order to constantly pour into my children and those around me I read at least 3 “self-help”, if you would, books per year and then reread them.

Outside of books I am constantly reading articles, snippets and biographical info on people I am interested in.


2. Time Alone to get inspired

Most if not all of my inspiration starts within. Spending time alone I can actually hear myself think and feel inspirational.

Sometimes it looks like meditation, other times it looks like walks on the beach.

Learning to listen to the sound of my own stillness and gaining inspiration from what I hear is a developing skill.

If you hate spending time alone then that is definitely the first place to start correcting so you can start being inspired.


3. Craft/Draw/Paint to get inspired

Whatever your pleasure but make tine for it. I love to knit, crochet, color and now developing a love for baking 🙁

My children will engage in whatever activity I call to their attention. These days they are drawn to Netflix.

To me that is mindless TV and does not rise to inspirational levels unless it is something that completely stretches the imagination.

Ask yourself “what inspires me?” and create space in your life for it.

Making Art with Grandpa
Adult Coloring Book
Knitting in my Favorite Colors
Finish a crochet project


4. Exercise to get inspired

Exercising does not only keep my body strong it also stimulates my mind. Am I telling you I love it, heck no.

When I get to choose my workout I choose jumping rope over burpees haha!

But, after each session I feel better than I did before and almost always have ideas to put on paper.

I will leave the research of the scientific relevance of that to you 🙂

My favorite exercise is jumping rope. It works every part of my body and I only need minimal space to do it.

What is your exercise of choice? Tell me in the comments.


5. Gratitude

Practicing gratitude has become an integral part of the ways in which I get inspired.

It was not that long ago that I started to pen it in on my to-do list. Every morning even if it is just two lines I write down what I am grateful for.

I also keep my notebook handy because immediately after I have finished this practice there are things to write (ideas for blog posts, IG posts, Books to read, recipes to look up for the children) you name it!


Remember my motto to live life awfully simple and that alone should be enough to inspire you.

I know these tips will at least get your juices flowing. Don’t forget to subscribe and comment.