The Talk

Tummy control after C-section is never discussed before birth. Why? This is one of those things again that I am going to say that others want to and don’t. It is almost like the other mothers don’t want to scare you away from having children.

My Tummy Control after C-Section garment is Shapermint. This I found after failing miserably with countless others.

Listen very carefully. After you have children your body will NEVER be the same.

Tummy Control After C-Section or normal birth should be discussed in every pre-natal course.

“All Disease begins in the gut.” Hippocrates

That being said, why it is not discussed before we give birth is weird to me. Don’t say I didn’t tell you.

Don’t just read the quote though, also check out the article. After each child someone said, wear this or wear that.

My Story

This is my story. I had 4 c-sections in 5 years. After each child it was my intention to get my gut back to better health. Instead, what was more important was breastfeeding, sleeping, eating and then repeat.

Each garment I tried until I got to the one I am wearing and you see in the pictures today was a torture chamber.

I am not lying. Either the hooks would cut into my skin, or the fabric had no give or I could not pee once I got it on. Ridiculous.

February 2019 versus December 2019


I was also an athlete. This is relevant here because I always felt that I needed to work my way back into fitness, not wear a garment.

In October of this year I started CrossFit and that has made a huge difference in my confidence level. Therefore it was a better time to have a Tummy Control conversation.

My Shapewear doesn’t drop me 4 sizes so I fit into something that is not my size. It gives me the confidence I need to smooth out my curves and still wear what I love.

When I delivered my first son, my second child I was 206 pounds. Originally pre-birth just 2 years prior I was 130 pounds.

Now this is not turning into a diet and exercise article because I do not believe in diets.

I am a mother to 4 young children, who has a career, a blog and a side hustle. I have chosen to not burden myself with dieting. All I do in the eating department is eat what I want, try not to eat too much of it and don’t do it too late at night. Anyone else can relate?

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All I am saying is that Tummy Control after C-Section is a relevant conversation to have.

If I had followed through with researching and getting a more comfortable shaper like I now have, my journey may have been different.

I have struggled with confidence issues that were not existent before. Also, the thought of gut health is ever looming.

Being around for my children and being able to run and play with them caused me to start CrossFit.

Wanting to feel beautiful and confident at whatever size my body is after having my beautiful babies is why I wear Shapewear.

Go get your life

All I am saying is to find what makes you feel your best and go for it. It may not be Shapermint that works for me, but sulking will get you nowhere.

Have a conversation with the people that love you the most. They will  be open and honest.

I don’t think my cousin coined this phrase but she always tells me, “your health is your wealth. If you don’t make time for it today, it wont have time for you tomorrow”.

Shapewear is my Red Bull right now and I am greatful to have some Tummy Control After C-Section.

Remember until next time, keep living Life Awfully Simple.