• picnic in a local park for two
    • you float my boat gift basket
    • pre-planned date nights
    • Rose scavenger hunt
    • Ice Cream Tasting date


Picnics are always cost effective because you decide on what type you want, stick to a budget and execute.

It could be in someplace that is special to the relationship or someplace that you intended to explore together in the future.


Wrap a gift basket specifically with your mate in mind. This means you know a soda (just for that occasion if you are not a soda drinker).

Get their favorite flavor of ice cream and the fixins.

Wrap it and deliver it before it melts which makes it a right now treat.


This will definitely take some planning if you will be planning them for a few months in advance.

Use index cards or stenciled note cards and write down the info for each date.

Deliver them with chocolates ­čÖé


Place items throughout the house in a sequence leading up to the main event.

Depending on the items make sure they are related to the theme and scene you are attempting to create.

Be prepared for the big finale and make it fun and exciting.


Get small containers of some of your favorites and close seconds.

When it is go time, scoop some into bowls and set up with spooons.

Each person takes turns identifying the flavors and conversating in between as to what memory that flavor represents.

Be creative. Have Fun. Budget Ideas can be high end or low, you choose.

Just keep the end goal of appreciation in mind and go with the flow.

Your attitude will determine how the activities go so do not be too rigid. Remember life awfully simple.