All I am going to say about We’re Going to Need More Wine is that you better read it. Sometimes when we see actors we do not always see them as we see ourselves and that is a mistake.

Each person and in this case women go through some similar things. Her life events, some traumatic, are every woman’s story.

That the book is told in the raw was my most favorite characteristic.


There is heartbreak, violence, love and all the fixings of a life well lived. We’re going to need more wine is a reminder to be completely and unapologetically you.

Being comfortable in our own skin as women, friends, wives, girlfriends, mothers has been a challenge for a lot of us.

Gabrielle’s book helped to  show me to appreciate where I am and to constantly keep pushing.

“Who gives this woman to be married to this man?” the pastor asked, his voice thick with Louisiana country. Chris suddenly turned his back on me. I remember it in slow motion, him stepping down from the altar and moving toward his groomsmen. – excerpt We’re going to need more wine

I have two girlfriends around my age, Michelle and Gwen, who I meet every few months or so for lunch when I am in Los Angeles. We are grown-ass women, and we are the only ones who understand each other’s grown-ass problems. – excerpt We’re going to need more wine

Whatever you do, get the book, read the book. Definitely get wine because you won’t be able to put it down.

I enjoyed every page turning juicy detail. Enjoy the read, see you next time. And remember, life awfully simple.