What I love to eat in Belize. Firstly, Belize is HOME to me. I have taught myself to make a few things just because I currently reside in America ­čÖé

Being away from what I love to eat in Belize is torture on a good day.

Please enjoy the pics and ask whatever questions you need to.

I will do my best to answer them or find answers for you.

Just in case the captions don’t come through. I will list the names of each food here.

From left to right starting at the top, what I love to eat in Belize

  1. Chicken Nachos – Old Belize Restaurant
  2. Steam Snapper with Plantain – Caye Caulker
  3. Milk Cake from scratch – Karen Flowers
  4. Mangoes – All varieties
  5. Fry Jack with Refried Beans and scrambled eggs – Local Hotel
  6. Vegetables at Market in Belmopan – Capital City
  7. Coconut Shrimp – Old Belize Restaurant
  8. Fried Snapper with Rice and Beans – Bird’s Isle Restaurant
  9. Jam Roll and Coconut Tart
  10. Powder Bun- My Belizean friend in NYC
  11. Journey “Johnny” Cakes – Myself
  12. Hudut – Lerisi Restaurant
  13. Fish Sere – Homemade

So whether you bucket list it or go frequently make sure you get to try some of these.

Belize needs to be on everyone’s travel list. And since I love to eat then what I love to eat in Belize is definitely in order.

Until next time, live life awfully simple. What are some of your favorite foods in the places you visit? Tell me in the comments.

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