What I think about KnitCrate? Oh, I am so glad you asked 🙂 Truthfully no one asked however when I find something amazing I am definitely going to share.

I bought the subscription with my own money and the opinions shared here are just that, my opinion.

Let’s get right into it as if you needed more than the picture to tell how delicious this subscription is.

What is KnitCrate

I will not even attempt to make up my own explanation. “The softest box you’ll ever open. A fresh box of premium, beautifully dyed yarn delivered to your door monthly”

That comes directly from the source.


When I received my first box I was in love immediately. My very first box included my favorite colors in the world, yellow and orange.

I was so excited and once I touched the yarn itself my purchase was validated and worth it.

Each month I will be receiving two skeins of the most gorgeous yarn. Also included in the softest box you’ll ever receive are a surprise item and a booklet with all the pattern suggestions.

Be creative and crafty

What I think about KnitCrate? I think that it opened up another dimension of my crafty side.

I did not use any of the patterns sent in this box this time. However, I can certainly say there are great items to be made.

I was traveling to Belize the next week after I received my box so I created yarn balls from the skeins and took them on my trip. The shawl I started will be a head turner when it is completed.

Not Just Yarn

I am grateful that what I think about KnitCrate is that it is not just about yarn.

Through crafting I have been able to connect with others, especially my children on a more intimate level.

I have had other yarn subscriptions but none like this. If you are a crafter, lover of yarn or just intrigued to try something new, definitely check it out.

I know if you all are like me even just a little we take life a little too seriously sometimes.

Learn to stop and open the soft boxes and live life awfully simple. See you next time.

P.S. Let me know in the comments what type of reviews you would like to see and tell me what are some of the things that makes your heart smile when you do them.

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