The Back Story

Hi guys. This article What I Wish I knew about moderation is dear to my heart. Why? Because without even realizing it initially I had been living in extremes.

I was raised to go to school, finish your education, get married and have children in that order.

Due to me totally buying into that, now that I am in my 40’s I realize that at times that left my focus so narrow that I am now having to relearn a lot of things.

It is my hope that What I wish I knew about moderation helps you to not make the same mistakes. Take risks. Enjoy your detours. Welcome your challenges.

It is my hope that What I wish I knew about moderation helps you to not make the same mistakes. Take risks. Enjoy your detours. Welcome your challenges.

Moderation is the process of eliminating or lessening extremes. It is used to ensure normality throughout the medium on which it is being conducted. Common uses of moderation include: Ensuring consistency and accuracy in the marking of student assessmentsWikipedia

So as not to be extreme in this post I chose a few areas in which moderation may be helpful.

I have been reading the book, The subtle art of not giving a F*ck by Mark Manson. This article is not a review of the book, however I will say that it has taught me some things about what I wish I knew about moderation.


Moderation Thoughts


Here is my story. My parents decided that I would not have a “job” while below teritiary level education so that I could focus on school and being a child.

Now that is one thing that I still believe in. In today’s society however, in my opinion, because of the “lack of responsibility” some of our children have when growing up, in adulthood they do not appreciate or have respect for great work ethic, striving for goals or rebounding from failure.

When it comes to work I believe there should definitely be a time and place. Too much creates abrasion and too little creates irresponsibility. Moderation is key 😊


I am nothing if I am not real. I am always on a seefood diet. Hahaha!

I eat everything I see that I LOVE. However I have never been an overeater so I do not have issues that others might.

I can certainly have a coupe Oreos per day, unlike the sleeve of Oreos I had in my college years.

Because I know myself, whenever I put the pressure on to cut something out or stop something completely it has been counterproductive.

So I have since cut back or have less of the things that can be detrimental. This has been very powerful for me.

How? I still get to eat the things I enjoy in tiny portions, which has taught me to eliminate the things that do nothing at all for my temple.

All I am saying is study yourself enough to understand how and where you can moderate to be your best self.



Drinking has never been my nemesis. I was so looking forward to my 21st birthday celebration.

After a not so graceful experience with a Long Island Iced Tea, moderation example learned.

When I am out now and drinking socially, if I finish one drink that is a lot. The same thing applies here as with the other points, know thyself.

If you come from a family of alcoholics or realize that one drink turns very easily to 5 for you then there are certainly other steps to get to your moderation or obstination journey that you should take.

These are just my opinions and experiences, please monitor yourselves and make choices for you.



Moderation in the stress department is life saving.

Because as women we believe or maybe I should say I used to believe that my skill sets meant I could manage 50 things at once, we get side tracked.

Not because there is laundry to be done means you have to do it. Not because you know where all the bills are and how to get into the online accounts means you have to be responsible for making sure they are paid.

Stress does not manifest one day as a heart attack. It takes it’s toll on your mental and physical state long before it shows up as something life threatening.

After the children go to sleep, sit quietly for an hour and collect your thoughts. Draft a bill schedule and teach your significant other how to use it.

If you are single then outsource the laundry and take something else off the budget.

The gifts that you have to offer can only be used and/or shared above ground so use your TIME (most precious commodity) wisely.


This one is HUUUGGGGEEEE in this day and age. Yes I wrote it that way because we definitely do not pay enough attention to it.

Cell phone, laptop, fitbit, remote control, keyless entry etc. etc. All these things just to name a few serve their purpose in this evolving technological era.

However, teach yourself to unplug! When I am on vacation, I turn off my phone.

Sound harsh? Hello, you were responsible before hand to leave a plan in place prior to leaving so allow that plan and the persons responsible for it to handle it.

Something as simple as turning off your step counter and just stroll can moderate your thought process.

Because we have trained ourselves to be so ON all the time, we get lost in the here and now simplicity of being unreachable.

No phone for a weekend. No television for a month. Walking down the block to the care instead of always parking near the door. Leave the remote control alone.

Again my humble opinion but learning the subtle art of not giving a **** reminds me to live my life awfully simple and maintain my equilibrium. What I wish I knew about moderation teaches me constantly to just chill, it’s not that serious.

Comment and Subscribe! Tell me some of the ways in which you have learned moderation.